Benediction for Colgate University’s 2017 Commencement

The Prepared Text of the Benediction for Commencement 2017

May you always know yourself to be loved and may your presence always be an occasion of joy for others.

May you always cherish the liberty of your mind and conscience and never fall prey to tyranny or intimidation.

May you never lack courage in the face of adversity or difficulty,
but may you love the true and the good and the just more than your own material or political success.

May you grow to be a true citizen, generous with your neighbors and others in your community, and may your heart run over with solidarity toward the poor, the suffering and the marginalized in your midst.

May you find a wellspring of generosity within you as you accompany those you love in their mourning, and may you never be without the consolation of friends and family in your times of need.

May you find great, selfless, reckless, mutual, and abiding love in your relationships,
and may you be beloved by the children in your midst.

May you cherish the earth and do all in your power to care for it for the sake of those children and for generations you will never see or know.

May you discover the work you were created to do, and
may you gain joy and mastery in bringing that work to fulfillment.

May you, when you reach the end of your long and fruitful life, be at peace with yourself, with all people, and with God.

May God strengthen you and bring success to the work of your hands.
May hope accompany your journey through the days to come.
May God’s abiding presence be with you
All the days of your life.


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